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Lesson plan:


• To introduce pupils to what muscles are and how they are connected to bones.
• To teach pupils how muscles work and how it relates to bones.
• To allow pupils to practically experience the relationship between muscles and bones.

• Handouts that explain muscles, bones, and how they work and connect
• Exercise mats (optional)

• Introduction: Explain what muscles are and their purpose (5 minutes)
• Explanation: Explain how muscles work and how they relate to bones (10 minutes)
• Practice: Demonstrate a couple of moves/exercises involving muscles and bones, then have pupils attempt the same (15 minutes)
• Discussion: Follow up with a class discussion about what they experienced and what they learned (5 minutes)
• Reflection: Have pupils write or draw a reflection about what they have learned (10 minutes)
• Conclusion: Wrap up the lesson with a final discussion about muscles and bones (5 minutes)

• Handouts and teacher assessment for content covered during the lesson.
• Require participation in the practice and the reflection.
• Have the pupils answer comprehension questions at the end of the lesson to assess knowledge retention.