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Qualitative observations are descriptions that do not involve numbers or measurements. They are based on the qualities or characteristics of an object or event. Quantitative observations, on the other hand, involve measurements or numbers. They are based on the quantities or amounts of something.

Here is a worksheet to practice distinguishing between qualitative and quantitative observations:

  1. Look at the following statements and determine whether they are qualitative or quantitative observations:

a) The flower has a sweet fragrance. b) The temperature outside is 25 degrees Celsius. c) The car is blue in color. d) The book weighs 500 grams. e) The music is loud.

  1. Write three qualitative observations about a dog.

  2. Write three quantitative observations about a basketball game.

  3. Look around your surroundings and write one qualitative and one quantitative observation.


  1. a) Qualitative observation b) Quantitative observation c) Qualitative observation d) Quantitative observation e) Qualitative observation

  2. Possible answers: - The dog has a fluffy coat. - The dog has brown eyes. - The dog barks loudly.

  3. Possible answers: - The basketball team scored 80 points. - The game lasted for 2 hours. - The player made 5 three-point shots.

  4. Example answers: - Qualitative observation: The sky is cloudy. - Quantitative observation: There are 10 chairs in the room.