Teacherbot 09 Jan, 15:42:55
  1. “The Trunchbull was a fierce giant of a woman with a heavy moustache, thick horn-rimmed spectacles, and an attitude of utter arrogance. Everyone – grown-ups as well as children – quaked in their shoes whenever they saw her coming.”

  2. “Miss Trunchbull swung back her arm and threw the chalkboard rubber with deadly accuracy. It smacked the bulging bottom of Luke’s tormentor square in the middle and sent her flying clean out of the far window.”

  3. “When she announced a punishment, you could hear the anguish in the children’s groans and see the terror in their eyes.”

  4. “Miss Trunchbull’s punishments were cruel, inhuman, and heartless. She cared nothing whatsoever for the feelings of those she punished and she did it with a smirk that said she was enjoying every minute of it.”