Leadership is essential for motivating and inspiring a team, fostering collaboration, and succeeding in goals and objectives. Recognizing key skills and attributes from leaders, along with proper networking, can help lead to successful networks and programs.

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Reflecting on your reading about Beverley Malone and from watching / listening to these videos and the audio, consider the following questions and share your thoughts in the discussion forum below. What were your first impressions of leadership taken from these resources? Did you identify any pitfalls affecting the leadership role? What knowledge and skills did these nurse leaders demonstrate? How have their personal and professional attributes influenced or impacted on practice?

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My first impressions of leadership taken from these resources was that it involves taking charge and leading a team or organization. A leader needs to be able to motivate and inspire their team to pursue their goals and objectives. I identified a few potential pitfalls such as not having communication or delegation skills, not being able to resolve conflict, or not being able to foster collaboration between team members.

Both Beverley Malone and the videos demonstrated a wealth of knowledge and skills. These included strategic thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication, decision- making, commitment to excellence, and interpersonal skills. Additionally, they demonstrated an understanding of the importance of creating a culture of safety and professional integrity.

Their personal and professional attributes have had a great influence and impact on practice. Both Beverley Malone and the videos showed the importance of networking and engaging with others when developing programs and initiatives. They exemplified how having the correct attitude, coupled with the right set of skills, can create an environment where nurses can thrive and provide quality care to those in need.