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Chapter 1:

The novel begins with 15-year-old Finnegan O’Malley taking care of his younger twin siblings, Benny and Maisy, while his parents are away in Ireland. After dealing with various family drama, Finnegan discovers that his dad’s company is in financial trouble and must face his dad’s return home.

Chapter 2:

The reader is introduced to the O’Malley family and their life on their small farm. Finnegan assists with the farm’s chores and takes the younger children to their distant school. Despite the family’s struggles, their love for one another runs deep.

Chapter 3:

The O’Malley family is in dire financial straits and decides to take out a loan from a shady loan shark. This causes tension within the family as Finnegan’s fear of the loan shark increases. Things get even worse when his dad discovers that his company’s finances are in shambles.

Chapter 4:

Finnegan’s dad returns home from Ireland and the tension leads to an explosive family meeting. The family must decide if they will take the loan, or if they will find better alternatives. Meanwhile, Finnegan worries about how the loan could affect his family.

Chapter 5:

After much debate, the family decides to take out the loan. In the process, Finnegan discovers that a close family friend is the loan shark’s identity. Finnegan is forced to make some tough decisions to save his family and keep their farm.

Chapter 6:

Finnegan hatches a plan to help save his family from the loan shark and their financial woes. He creates a business plan and starts a farm-market to make money. Despite opposition from his family, Finnegan sets out to make his plan a reality.

Chapter 7:

Finnegan succeeds in opening his farm-market and begins to attract more customers. After his initial success, he discovers that he must compete with a larger market run by a shady family friend. Finnegan struggles with his moral principles and whether he should compromise them to win customers.

Chapter 8:

Finnegan learns valuable lessons through his various experiences in running the farm-market. He begins to understand the complexity of business and discovers how courage and determination can help one to overcome obstacles.

Chapter 9:

The O’Malley family’s fortunes take a turn for the better and they manage to pay off their loan. Finnegan realizes the importance of family and how it can help one see through difficult times. He also begins to understand that financial success is not the only form of success in life.