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  1. A bakery sells muffins for $2 each and cookies for $1.50 each. If the bakery sold a total of 100 muffins and cookies and made $200 in sales, how many of each item did they sell?

  2. A car rental company charges $30 per day for a compact car and $40 per day for a luxury car. If a customer rented a total of 5 cars for 3 days and paid a total of $160, how many of each type of car did they rent?

  3. A school is selling tickets to a play. Adult tickets cost $10 each and student tickets cost $5 each. If the school sold a total of 200 tickets and made $1500 in sales, how many adult and student tickets were sold?

  4. A farmer has a total of 40 animals on his farm, consisting of chickens and cows. If the farmer counted a total of 120 legs, how many chickens and cows does he have?

  5. A store sells apples for $0.50 each and oranges for $0.75 each. If the store sold a total of 80 apples and oranges and made $50 in sales, how many of each fruit did they sell?