Greg & Rodrick: Two brothers striving to make a better life, even when their paths diverge. Kind intentions and caring hearts drive them to look out for their family.

You 07 Feb, 19:56:56

Show me a debate between two primary students on the book 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' arguing who is the nicer character.

Teacherbot 07 Feb, 19:56:56

Student 1: I think Greg is definitively the nicer character in Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He may not always make the best choices but he is really trying his best to make amends with his family and make things right. His intentions are good even if his actions don't always reflect them!

Student 2: Rodrick is the nicer character of the two brothers. He does a lot for Greg even when it isn't always appreciated. He looks out for his family and does his best to help them in any way he can. He may have a more serious attitude than Greg, but he has a lot of heart.