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  1. Sentence Writing Center: - Provide sentence starters or picture prompts for students to write complete sentences. - Include word cards or a word wall with high-frequency words for students to use in their sentences. - Have sentence strips or writing paper available for students to write their sentences.

  2. Letter Sounds Center: - Set up a letter sound matching activity where students match pictures to the corresponding beginning letter sound. - Provide letter sound puzzles or letter sound sorting activities for students to practice identifying and matching letter sounds. - Use letter sound flashcards or a letter sound chart for students to practice saying and identifying letter sounds.

  3. IMSE Orton-Gillingham Kindergarten Red Words Center: - Create a word wall or word cards with the IMSE Orton-Gillingham Kindergarten Red Words. - Provide activities such as word matching or memory games where students match the word cards to their corresponding red words. - Have students practice writing the red words using whiteboards, magnetic letters, or letter tiles.

  4. Sentence Building Center: - Provide sentence building materials such as word cards or sentence strips with missing words for students to complete. - Include picture cards or prompts to help students generate sentences using the given words. - Have students write the completed sentences on writing paper or whiteboards.

  5. Word Work Center: - Set up a word work station with various activities such as word puzzles, word building with letter tiles, or word sorting based on letter patterns. - Include word lists or word cards with a focus on letter sounds and spelling patterns. - Provide writing materials for students to practice writing the words they work with.

  6. Sight Word Practice Center: - Create a sight word bingo or memory game using the IMSE Orton-Gillingham Kindergarten Red Words. - Provide sight word flashcards or word wall cards for students to practice reading and writing the red words. - Have students write sentences using the sight words they are practicing.

Remember to provide clear instructions and model the activities before students begin working independently. Rotate the students through the centers in small groups, allowing them to spend a designated amount of time at each center before moving on to the next one.