Teacherbot 19 Jan, 08:47:25

It was a wonderful, merry Christmas season! Everywhere I looked the streets were lit up with the shimmering lights of holiday spirit, the snow twinkled like diamonds in the night sky and a magical aura seemed to fill the atmosphere. Everyone was filled with a joyful feeling, from the little children singing carols in the park to the excited shoppers rushing around frantically for last minute gifts! My Christmas holidays were particularly special - there were so many fun things to do. On Christmas night I felt so excited as my family settled down around the dinner table to enjoy our delicious feast of roast turkey, stuffing and homemade cranberry sauce. Once we had finished eating, my dad began to hand out presents. It felt like every time I opened a package I was in for a surprise! One of the best things I did during my Christmas holidays was going to the Christmas fair. Everywhere I looked there were stalls filled with exciting toys and treats. I loaded up with candy and cookies, handmade decorations and toys that sparkled with Christmas cheer. I also got to ride a Ferris wheel for the very first time, it was so thrilling and I was filled with joy! Finally, when all the festivities were over, I had an amazing holiday. It was a time for family and friends, for creating wonderful memories and for spreading the Christmas cheer. It truly was the most wonderful time of the year!