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Flat Stanley is a novel by Jeff Brown about a young boy, Stanley Lambchop, who is squished by a bulletin board in the middle of the night. He wakes up to find that he has been flattened like a pancake and is now only half-an-inch thick. After his brother and sister get used to him being flat, Stanley discovers that he can do some amazing things. In chapter 1, Stanley learns to slip under doors, swim in the bathtub, and fly in the wind like a kite. In chapter 2, he tags along with his parents on a trip to the post office, where Stanley discovers an envelope addressed to him and takes a wild ride on his journey to deliver it.

Comprehension Questions:
1. How thick is Stanley Lambchop after he is flattened in the night?
2. What is Stanley able to do with his newfound flatness?
3. What errand do Stanley's parents take him on in chapter 2?
4. What is in the envelope addressed to Stanley that he finds at the post office?
5. How does Stanley get around to deliver the envelope?