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This class will focus on the importance of utilizing password managers. Password managers are essential tools for secure online activity, and this class will provide a comprehensive overview of what they are, why they’re important, and how to best use them.

1. Introduction:
- What is a password manager?
- How can they help protect and secure your online activity

2. Benefits of using a password manager:
- Ability to better remember and organize multiple passwords
- Increased security in the event of a data breach
- Ability to store payment information securely
- Overall increased control of user identity

3. How to get started:
- Exploring the different types of password managers and the features they offer
- Tips on setting up a password manager
- Overview of popular password manager services

4. Advanced topics:
- How to use 2-step authentication with a password manager
- Tips for sharing passwords securely
- How to use mobile-based password managers
- Analyzing current passwords and managing changes

Participants will gain a better understanding of the importance of password managers, and gain the knowledge to begin setting up and using the tools.