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1. Flashcards: Create a set of homemade flashcards with common words, including their spelling and definition. Use the flashcards to practice basic words, as well as spelling, pronunciation and definition.

2. Word games: Incorporate word games into your lesson plans to help your primary 1 students stay motivated and interested in learning common words. Some games could include word scrambles, word searches, fill in the blank and word matching.

3. Read aloud: Read age-appropriate books to primary 1 students and encourage them to share and explain any unknown words.

4. Word building: Use letter tiles or other objects to build words as a group or individually.

5. Pictionary: Draw familiar or unknown words on the board and have the students guess what the words are by describing the images. This can help them hone their understanding of the words.

6. Vocabulary Quiz: Make a quiz for your students to help them review their common words. Have them identify words or provide synonyms and antonyms.