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Once upon a time, there was an incredible craftsman and inventor named Daedalus. He was so clever, he had the most amazing idea ever - to make wings of wax and feathers that would allow a person to fly around just like a bird!

Daedalus had a son named Icarus, who he loved dearly and taught his wicked ways. He told his son that if he wanted to fly, he had to believe and move up, but to never fly too close to the sun!

So, one fine day, Icarus put on the wings his father had crafted for him, and finally, after all that hard and worrisome work, he was ready to soar around!

For a while, all was grand. Icarus was so ecstatic, he thought he was invincible. He started flying above the clouds and closer, and closer, and closer, to the sun!

But in all his flying, he forgot his father's warning, and suddenly, the wax melted, the feathers of his wings started to drop and Icarus started to fall into the sea far below.

Helplessly, Icarus choked on the ocean waves, and he screamed and shouted for his father. And sure enough, Daedalus came to the rescue and pulled Icarus from the waves, but it was too late - Icarus had learned his lesson and he was never the same again.

The moral of this story? Never fly too close to the sun, and always follow the advice of those you love.