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Once upon a time, all of the gods on Mount Olympus, led by Zeus, were getting tired of always having to fight against evil. So, Zeus came up with a plan. He decided to create a special box - a mysterious box that contained both good and bad - and he gave the box to Pandora, who was a special mortal created by the Olympians.

Determined to keep the box a secret, Zeus warned Pandora to never open it. But Pandora was just so curious, and one day decided that she had to take just a small peek. As soon as she opened the lid of the box, a terrible blast of evil was released! The evil escaped into the world, and all of the different kinds of sickness, death, fear, and sadness worked their way through the world. Zeus was so angry at Pandora for opening the box, but then he realized that his plan had gone horribly wrong!

Though overwhelmed with sadness, Pandora quickly discovered that the evil wasn't all she had released. From deep within the box, a tiny bit of hope had also escaped - and it made the world just a little bit better. Even after unleashing so much darkness, Pandora had still done one good thing for the world by releasing this little bit of hope.

The rest, as they say, is history. Pandora's box still remains a warning to this day - cautioning us all to use our curiosity wisely.