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Once upon a time, way up in Olympus, there lived a Titan called Prometheus. He was full of creativity and had a thirst for knowledge which often got him into trouble. As punishment for defying the gods, one day they decided to lock him up and force him to endure a terrible punishment!

Prometheus was chained to a mountain far away from Olympus, with an eagle coming to tear out his liver every day. The eagle would fly and pick at his stream until he was so weak and writhing in pain, he thought he could endure no more. Yet, no matter how much agony and suffering he faced, he refused to give up and still refused to accept the gods’ demands.

Eventually, days turned into weeks and weeks into months and eventually, after years, Prometheus was saved by another god, Hermes. And as reward for his great strength and bravery, Prometheus was given the gift of fire, which he carefully brought back to earth. He gave it to humans, so they could use it to build, cook, light their way at night and do many other tasks.

Prometheus’s gift was a great blessing for mankind and it still remains to this day! So, no matter how much suffering you face— never give up, for who knows what rewards are waiting for you around the corner!