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Topic: Natural Disasters and Their Impact on People's Lives and Landscape

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the potential causes of natural disasters.
2. Develop an awareness of the potential effects of these disasters on people's lives and landscape.
3. Identify ways in which humans can lead more environmentally responsible lives.

Success Criteria:
• Identify at least three different types of natural disasters and their potential causes.
• Comprehend how natural disasters can impact people's lifestyles and the environment.
• Explore ways to limit the environmental harm caused by human activities.

1. Brainstorm a list of natural disasters, their potential causes, and the impacts they have on people's lives and landscape.
2. Research and analyze ways in which people’s lives and the landscape are affected by natural disasters.
3. Investigate the environmental impacts of human activities and develop a list of possible solutions for mitigating these impacts.
4. Present findings and discuss possible ways to lead more environmentally responsible lives.