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  1. Blade: The flat, expanded part of a leaf.
  2. Petiole: The stalk that connects the blade of a leaf to the stem.
  3. Margin: The edge or border of a leaf.
  4. Vein: The vascular tissue that runs through the leaf, providing support and transporting nutrients and water.
  5. Midrib: The central vein that runs down the middle of the leaf.
  6. Lobe: A division or projection on the margin of a leaf.
  7. Apex: The tip or end of a leaf.
  8. Base: The bottom or attachment point of a leaf.
  9. Palmate: A leaf shape with lobes radiating from a central point, resembling the fingers of a hand.
  10. Pinnate: A leaf shape with a central midrib and smaller leaflets arranged along the sides.
  11. Compound: A leaf that is divided into multiple leaflets.
  12. Simple: A leaf that is undivided and has a single blade.
  13. Alternate: Leaves that are arranged in a staggered pattern along the stem.
  14. Opposite: Leaves that are arranged in pairs directly across from each other on the stem.
  15. Whorled: Leaves that are arranged in a circular pattern around the stem.
  16. Deciduous: Leaves that are shed annually.
  17. Evergreen: Leaves that remain on the tree year-round.
  18. Needle-like: Long, thin leaves with a pointed tip, typically found on coniferous trees.
  19. Broadleaf: Leaves that are wide and flat, typically found on deciduous trees.
  20. Serrate: Leaf margins that are toothed, with sharp, pointed teeth.
  21. Lobed: Leaf margins that are divided into distinct lobes.
  22. Smooth: Leaf margins that are without teeth or lobes.
  23. Hairy: Leaves that are covered in fine hairs.
  24. Glossy: Leaves that have a shiny or lustrous appearance.
  25. Waxy: Leaves that have a thick, waxy coating, often to reduce water loss.
  26. Vein pattern: The arrangement and pattern of veins on a leaf, such as parallel, pinnate, or palmate.
  27. Leaf arrangement: The overall pattern in which leaves are attached to the stem, such as alternate, opposite, or whorled.
  28. Leaf shape: The overall outline or form of a leaf, such as ovate, lanceolate, or elliptical.
  29. Leaf texture: The surface characteristics of a leaf, such as smooth, rough, or leathery.
  30. Leaf color: The color of a leaf, which can vary from green to various shades of red, yellow, or brown.