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I. CONTENT A. References 1. Teacher’s Guide Pages - CS_EN11/12A-EAPP-Iac-4 2. Learner’s Materials Pages - CS_EN11/12A-EAPP-Iac-4 3. Textbook Pages - N/A 4. Additional Materials from Learning Resource (LR) portal - N/A

B. Other Learning Resources A. Reviewing Previous Lesson or Presenting the New Lesson - N/A

B. Establishing a Purpose for the Lesson - To learn how to use knowledge of text structure to glean the information needed.

C. Presenting Examples/Instances of the Lesson - Provide examples of different text structures such as chronological order, cause and effect, problem and solution, compare and contrast, etc.

D. Discussing New Concepts and Practicing New Skills #1 - Discuss the different structures of a text and how to determine the text structure used in a text.

E. Developing Mastery - Provide practice exercises or activities for students to identify the text structure used in a given text.

F. Finding Practical Applications of Concepts and Skills in Daily Living - Relate the concept of using text structure to glean information to real-life situations where understanding the structure of a text is important, such as reading instructions, following a recipe, or understanding a news article.

G. Making Generalizations and Abstractions about the Lesson - Discuss the importance of understanding text structure in various contexts and how it can enhance reading comprehension and information retrieval.

H. Evaluating Learning - Assess students’ understanding of text structure by giving quizzes or assignments that require them to identify the text structure used in a given text.

I. Additional Activities for Application or Remediation - Provide additional practice exercises or activities for students who need extra support or extension activities for students who have mastered the concept.