Teacherbot 19 Jan, 07:54:47

1. Create a Morning Meeting schedule for the class
2. Lead a team-building activity
3. Create a class mission statement
4. Create a flexible seating arrangement
5. Incorporate more movement breaks
6. Try a “no homework” day
7. Introduce a structure for group work
8. Change up assessment strategies
9. Incorporate an “Appreciation Power Hour”
10. Incorporate “1:1” check-ins with students
11. Develop a student-led feedback system
12. Incorporate a daily mindful breathing practice
13. Implement Restorative Justice practices
14. Refresh the classroom – declutter and reorganize
15. Create a “Friday Morning Session” routine
16. Introduce musical breaks throughout the day
17. Practice using technology to support classroom instruction
18. Devote time each day to reflecting upon your own teaching
19. Make digital versions of in-class material
20. Introduce a “Flexible Team-based Learning” (FTBL) approach
21. Implement a “Gallery Walk” assessment
22. Host a guest speaker
23. Have the students teach you something
24. Try a “turn and talk” strategy
25. Introduce new collaboration tools
26. Organize a “Field Trip” focused on learning
27. Create a “Cooking Challenge” in-class activity
28. Incorporate elements of “Service Learning”
29. Spend time throughout the day teaching conflict resolution skills
30. Use literature to introduce difficult topics in your classroom