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In Chapter 1 of “The Wild Robot” by Peter Brown, the story begins with a shipwreck on a remote island. The ship, carrying a cargo of robots, is caught in a storm and sinks. Most of the robots are destroyed, but one survives and washes ashore on the island.

The robot, named Roz, wakes up on the island and finds herself surrounded by nature. She is initially confused and disoriented, as she has no memory of who she is or where she came from. Roz’s body is covered in sand and seaweed, and her circuits are damaged from the shipwreck.

As Roz starts exploring the island, she encounters various animals, including a family of otters and a flock of geese. The animals are initially wary of Roz, as they have never seen a robot before. However, Roz’s kind and gentle nature quickly wins them over, and they become curious about her.

Roz tries to communicate with the animals, but they do not understand her robotic language. She realizes that in order to survive on the island, she needs to learn the language of the animals. Roz observes their behaviors and mimics their sounds, slowly starting to understand their ways.

Throughout the chapter, Roz also faces challenges such as finding food and shelter. She discovers a cave that becomes her temporary home and learns to hunt for berries and catch fish. Roz’s resourcefulness and adaptability help her survive in the wild.

As the chapter comes to a close, Roz encounters a bear named Brown, who is initially hostile towards her. However, Roz’s kindness and willingness to help impresses Brown, and he decides to spare her. This encounter marks the beginning of a unique friendship between the robot and the bear.

Chapter 1 sets the stage for Roz’s journey of survival and self-discovery on the island. It introduces the theme of nature versus technology and highlights the importance of empathy and understanding in building relationships.

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Chapter 1 of "The Wild Robot" starts with a robot named Roz washing ashore on a remote island after a shipwreck. She doesn't remember anything about herself and is damaged from the wreck. Roz meets animals like otters and geese, and although they are wary of her at first, they become curious and friendly. Roz learns to communicate with the animals by mimicking their sounds and observing their behaviors. She also faces challenges like finding food and shelter, but she adapts and survives. Roz encounters a bear named Brown, who is initially hostile but spares her after seeing her kindness. This marks the beginning of their friendship. The chapter introduces the themes of nature versus technology and the importance of empathy and understanding in building relationships.