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Here are some suggested workbook pages for math at the kindergarten level:

  1. Counting and Number Recognition: - Counting objects and matching them with the correct numeral (e.g., counting apples and circling the number 5) - Writing numbers 1-10 - Counting and writing the number of objects in a set (e.g., counting dots on a dice and writing the number) - Identifying and circling the correct numeral for a given set of objects (e.g., circling the number 3 for a set of three cats)

  2. Basic Operations: - Addition within 5 (e.g., adding two sets of objects and writing the total) - Subtraction within 5 (e.g., crossing out objects to show subtraction and writing the remaining number) - Simple word problems involving addition and subtraction (e.g., “There are 3 apples. If I eat 1, how many will be left?”) - Identifying and completing number patterns (e.g., filling in the missing numbers in a sequence: 1, 2, __, 4, 5)

  3. Shapes and Patterns: - Identifying and naming basic shapes (e.g., circle, square, triangle) - Sorting objects by shape (e.g., sorting pictures of objects into different shape categories) - Completing and creating simple patterns using shapes or colors (e.g., ABAB pattern with shapes or colors)

  4. Measurement and Comparison: - Comparing and ordering objects by size (e.g., circling the biggest or smallest object in a set) - Measuring and comparing lengths using non-standard units (e.g., using paperclips to measure the length of objects and comparing them) - Identifying and matching objects with their corresponding weight (e.g., matching a heavy object with a scale or a light object with a feather)

  5. Time and Money: - Recognizing and matching analog and digital clocks to the correct time (e.g., drawing the hour and minute hands on a clock to show a specific time) - Identifying and matching coins to their values (e.g., matching a picture of a quarter with the number 25 cents) - Simple word problems involving time and money (e.g., “If a toy costs 10 cents, how much will 2 toys cost?”)

Remember to choose age-appropriate and engaging workbooks that align with your child’s learning style and abilities.