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Margaret Preston was an Australian artist who lived from 1875 to 1963. She was inspired by the beautiful nature and landscapes of Australia. Margaret loved to paint flowers, trees, and animals that she saw around her. She also found inspiration in the art of Indigenous Australians, who had been living in Australia for thousands of years. Margaret believed that their art was important and wanted to learn from it.

Margaret Preston used different methods to create her artwork. She liked to experiment with different materials and techniques. Sometimes she would paint with bright colors, and other times she would use bold lines and shapes. Margaret also enjoyed printmaking, which is a way of making multiple copies of a picture. She would carve a design into a block of wood or metal, and then press it onto paper to make a print.

In her artwork, Margaret Preston used different structural devices to make her paintings interesting and unique. She would often divide her canvas into different sections, like a puzzle. She would also use patterns and repetition to create a sense of rhythm and movement. Margaret liked to play with the balance of colors and shapes in her paintings, making them visually exciting.

While Margaret Preston admired Indigenous Australian art, she also appropriated some elements of their culture in her work. Appropriation means taking something from another culture and using it in a way that may not be respectful or accurate. Margaret used symbols and patterns from Indigenous art in her paintings without always understanding their true meaning. This is something that we should be careful about, as it is important to respect and honor the cultures of others.