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Verse 1: Beowulf set off, a brave and strong man, His weapons firmly in hand. So brave and fearless, to the battleground he ran His courage was renowned all through the land.

Verse 2: He saw Grendel, a perilous foe, His green armour and eyes of snow. Beowulf never faltered, his battle cry loud and low With cunning he evaded every blow.

Verse 3: Their swords clashed and clanged, metal on metal, Their weapons shone bright with honour and zeal. Beowulf rallied the strength he had to feel And declared victory was almost real.

Verse 4: Though tempted by fear to accept his fate, None reason did he abate. Beowulf’s courage and skill conquered Grendel’s impassioned hate Winning the fight at God’s grand gate.

Verse 5: Grendel lay vanquished, his body a bruise-black hue, Wrapped in a cloak of thick morning dew. Beowulf’s fame had risen, his strength proven true And his courage proven true as morning’s first morning’s blue.

Verse 6: The people rejoiced, cheers filled the sky They remembered the battle, not just with nigh. Beowulf’s victory was the town’s greatest high As the victorious warrior reached for the sky.

Verse 7: Grendel’s defeat was marked into song, His name and his dread live still in throngs. Beowulf’s courage prevails and grows ever-strong As his story peppers the annals in song.

Verse 8: The battle of Beowulf and Grendel is quite a tale, A victory won with hand, blade and mail. His courage and strength won a victory true and pale And untold stories of courage in us prevail.