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It was a typical day at the seaside for Emily. The warm summer sun glittered off the waves as they crashed onto the shore and the familiar smell of salty water and sun cream filled the air. Emily had come to this spot since she was a young girl and it had always been her favourite place to visit.

Today she was determined to make the most of it by finding some interesting shells on the beach. She kicked off her sandals and started making her way down the sand dunes when something unusual caught her eye. There, in the middle of a large sand dune, was an old wooden door!

Emily cautiously approached the door and to her surprise it was opened. Carefully, she peered inside, expecting to find nothing more than an empty room. But as she stepped into the doorway a gust of wind swept around her, ruffling her long blonde hair, and the door closed swiftly behind her, trapping her inside.

Her heart raced as she looked around and realized that she was no longer in her beloved beach, but in a strange, forgotten land. With the door locked tight, Emily took a deep breath, wondering what on earth she was going to do now.