King, Queen and knights live in grand castle protected by wooden gate and deep moat. Inside are great hall, chapel and more. Outside are bakery, market, shops. Always discovering more on visits.

You 25 Jan, 15:18:01

Write a first person description of a castle for year 4. include it's size, shape, who lives there and what buildings you can find

Teacherbot 25 Jan, 15:18:01

I'm standing before a grand castle, it's towering walls reaching up towards the sky. It's quite large, with four tall towers at each corner, and a deep moat surrounding it. It's quite a unique looking castle with thick walls and a lovely courtyard in the center. Inside the walls live a King, his Queen and their four loyal knights.

The King and Queen have their own rooms, plus a beautiful garden room, a great hall and a magnificent dining room. There's also a kitchen, storage rooms, stables, and a chapel where the King and Queen say their prayers. Inside the castle walls, you will also find soldiers quarters, guard rooms and a restricted area.

Outside the castle, one will find a number of small buildings - a bakery, a market and some shops. The castle is protected by a great wooden gate, kept closed at all times, with a drawbridge for when visitors are expected.

I love visiting this castle with its grand history and its beautiful surroundings. Each time I visit I learn a bit more about the castle and the people who live inside its walls.