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Objective: To demonstrate proper technique in performing a lay up while traveling down the court

Materials: Basketball, nets, cones, basketball court

Time: 45 minutes

1. Introduction: (5 minutes)
Begin the activity by introducing the students to the concept of a lay up and the benefits of performing a lay up successfully. Explain that a lay up is a shot to score an easy two points off of an individual drive to the basket. Explain to the students the importance of a lay up as one of the most efficient shots a player can make while traveling down the court.

2. Demo: (10 minutes)
The instructor will then demonstrate the proper technique for performing a lay up. This includes how to approach the basket, how to shoot with the correct form, and the importance of using both hands to control the shooting motion.

3. Practice: (20 minutes)
Set up the court with two cones at the basket, one to mark the starting point and one to mark the end point of the lay up. Have the students form two lines and practice the lay up. The instructor should provide feedback and correction in order to ensure proper technique is used for a successful layup.

4. Games: (10 minutes)
The instructor should then set up a competitive game that allows the students to practice their lay up skills. For example, set up a game with two teams with each team attempting to score a lay up while travelling down the court.

5. Conclusion: (5 minutes)
Recap the activity by discussing what the students have learned and any adjustments they can make to improve their lay up technique. Encourage the students to practice and work on their skills in order to become more comfortable and proficient with the lay up.