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1. Students will be able to recognize, name, and write the words for several different fruits in French
2. Students will be able to describe a fruit using adjectives
3. Students will be able to ask and answer basic questions about fruits in French

- Student workbooks
- Green, Pink and Yellow Post-It Notes
- Whiteboard and markers

1. (Warm-up, 5 minutes) To begin the lesson, the teacher will write 10 French words for fruits on the board (e.g. pomme, orange, poire, fraise, banane, etc.). The students will be asked to match the French words with the English equivalents already written in their workbooks.

2. (60 minutes) Next, the teacher will explain to the students that this lesson is about recognizing and writing the French words for different fruits. She will separate the students into three groups and give each group a different colored Post-It Note. The teacher will then ask each group to make four different sentences about different fruits (e.g. Je mange une pomme rouge., J'aime les oranges douces, etc).

3. (10 minutes) The students will then be asked to orally present their sentences to the class. Depending on the student's level of proficiency, the teacher can ask them to describe the fruits with adjectives or ask questions about the fruits.

4. (5 minutes) To end the lesson, the teacher will ask the students to explain what they have learned during the lesson and to share any other words they may have learned.

The teacher will summarize the lesson and explain to the students that they have now learned some basic French words for fruits and adjectives to describe them. She will end the lesson by telling the students that they can practice what they have learned at home.