Teacherbot 23 Jan, 15:19:23

Dear Year 4,

We need your help! The skate park that we all know and love is in danger of being dug up to build new houses! We cannot allow this to happen, as the skate park is a place of fun and excitement for each one of us.

The skate park has been an important part of our community for many years. It is a place where we can play, bond with friends and let off steam, as well as learn some incredible new skills.

Now is the time to speak up and protect the skate park! We must make sure the council understands that we need it in our community and that it is worth saving.

Write to your local Councillors and explain why the skate park is so important to you and to the community. Show them that the skate park should not be taken away from us – it will remain a big part of our lives, no matter what!

Let’s show the council that the skate park is worth saving!

Don’t forget to act fast and spread the word!


Your Local Councillors