Teacherbot 23 Jan, 15:24:00

Dear Council Members,

Firstly, I am writing this letter to voice my concerns about the current proposal to develop new housing on the site of the local skate park. As a student at the local school, I feel strongly that this space should be preserved.

Although the development of more housing may be a positive thing for the local area, I believe that the skate park is also an important community resource, and that it should be saved from demolition.

When I use the skate park, I am always inspired and energized. It is a place that my classmates and I love to go to for exercise and recreation. The vibrant atmosphere of understanding and friendship we share at the skate park is an incredible experience, and we would be devastated to lose it.

In addition, the skate park is a place of freedom. We can practice our tricks safely, and it is an important part of our childhood.

Therefore, I and many of my friends urge you to reconsider this proposal. Please consider the skate park and the happiness and wellbeing of our community as a priority.

In fact, I have an idea that will allow the local area to have both more homes and the skate park preserved. Why don't we develop the new housing on a plot of land near the skate park, instead of directly on the skate park site? This way, we can have more housing, as well as keeping the skate park intact.

Therefore, I ask you to give serious thought to this matter, and choose the option that will benefit our community most.

Finally, I urge you to reconsider this whole plan, and save the skate park for the local children and future generations.

Yours sincerely,