Teacherbot 26 Jan, 13:48:25

The horrific events that occurred as a direct result of Nazi Germany's atrocious rule are difficult to describe in words – and yet necessary to remember. The Nazi's ruthless and inhumane reign of terror persecuted, tortured and murdered innocent people across Europe, representing evil on a scale not seen before or since.

It is essential to remember just why Britain opted to bomb Germany during World War 2 – an act of violence in response to the unbelievable cruelty and terror inflicted by Hitler and the Nazis. Not only had the Nazi regime terrorised Britain through the Blitz, they had conducted genocide on a scale not seen before or since, and as a result of this, bombing was a moral, justifiable and necessary action -- even if it meant inflicting similar horror and destruction on others.

Britain was not the only nation to come to this conclusion: many other countries followed suit and bombed Germany for the same reason. The US, for example, subjected Germany to a massive scale of bombings when it sent the 8th Air Force, who carried out thousands of RAF-style missions across German cities such as Berlin and Cologne. This immense bombing campaign played a critical role in weakening and eventually defeating the Nazis.

We should not forget that without the brave and heroic efforts of the Allied forces who carried out these atrocious and dangerous bombings, the oppression and misery created by Nazi Germany would have had much longer to thrive, terrorise and murder. What could not have been achieved by diplomacy or any other peaceful or less devastating means, in terms of defeating Nazi Germany, needed to be done in order to protect and free Europe from the clutches of the evil that was Hitler.

The British people and its Allies had every right to bomb Nazi Germany’s cities during World War 2, and although it was an extremely painful and complex decision to make, we must remember the victims of Hitler’s regime, and remember why it was absolutely necessary to act. Britain was acting morally, and in the interest of securing peace across Europe.

The horror of the bombings must not detract from the importance of their role in the eventual victory against Nazi Germany. Air bombardment cost the lives of both enemies and allies, destroying homes and cities and generating immense terror and fear. Nevertheless, the heroic efforts of tens of thousands of brave men and women laid the foundations for democracy, freedom, and peace. It was this moral and righteous action of bombing Nazi Germany that ultimately secured the stunning victory for the Allies, and liberated Europe from the Nazi terror.

While its objective was undoubtedly to stop the continued terror and devastation created by the Nazi regime, its consequences were immense and grievous. However, we must remember that this was the only remaining way to ensure that the suffering of countless innocent people subjected to Hitler's extraordinary tyranny came to an end, and to prevent an even greater number of lives being taken.