You 26 Jan, 07:05:51

write a poem for primary 7 about the looking out at the rain from inside your car. Must not use the word i. first verse about what you can see, second about hear, third about smell, fourth about feel. must include a range of figurative language and advanced punctuation. four lines in each verse and must rhyme in AABB format

Teacherbot 26 Jan, 07:05:51

Through wiper swipes, nature's show
Rain drops flow like waves aglow
Aching to fall and floors to bear,
Reverberating off each chair.

The percussive sound of water fall
Trembles 'neath the window's wall
The incessant pattering pelts begin,
Rhythm side by side with wind.

The scent of rain as it soaks,
Intoxicating essence as it provokes
The wet earth, its musk inspires,
Rereminding us of man's transpires.

Sluggish conditions lull the soul
While senses, on a rain soaked stroll
The briny air, sweet,chilly and dense
Puts the heart at ease and brings serenity's fence.