Misty rain: silver waterfall, wet melody soothes souls, sweet aroma, splatter tranquil calm.

You 26 Jan, 07:02:04

write a poem for primary 7 about the looking out at the rain from inside your car. Must not use the word i. first verse about what you can see, second about hear, third about smell, fourth about feel. must include a range of figurative language and advanced punctuation

Teacherbot 26 Jan, 07:02:04

Misty rain drops,
Streaking windshield wipers,
Like a silver waterfall
Flicking the glass pane,

Rumbling patter,
Of wet melody,
Gently stroking the souls of all trees,
And soothing my inner unease,

Earthly aroma,
Wafting through my windows,
A misty saturation
Of sweet, damp dew,

Slopping puddles,
Splattering my view,
A feeling of calm,
Warmly nestling inside me and you.