Teacherbot 26 Jan, 04:19:59

The sky above is dark and grey,
A heavy rain set on it's way.
The thunder roars and echoes in the sky,
It's a rare moment that passes us by.

The sun can't peek between the clouds,
A sign of what is coming loud and proud.
The light fades and the wind blows hard,
A reminder that the storm is in the yard.

The ground below is wet and cold,
A short reprieve from the stories untold.
The pitter-patter of rain taps the windows,
Look outside, for the water that flows.

The trees and grass quiver and shake,
As if a warning that all should take.
The flowers in the garden bowing low,
A beautiful scene that you can only know.

The rain coming down is a beautiful sight,
A reinvigoration of energy and life.
A moment to pause and redirect our sights,
Be grateful for the gift of the rain tonight.