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Write a poem with 5 verses about a firework show on New Year’s Eve that includes onomatopoeias in the first line of each verse. Each verse needs 4 lines and must rhyme. Must be appropriate for primary 7 class. First verse about the sound. Second verse about the sight. Third verse about the smell. Fourth about the feeling. Fifth verse about that fireworks represent hope for the new year.

Teacherbot 01 Jan, 17:40:17

Verse 1
Pow! Crack! Boom! Zip!
The revellers from the town all slip
Into their cozy homes to hear
The sound of firework cheer

Verse 2
Colours of the rainbow in the sky
A hush as they all give a sigh
A sprinkle of dots and swirls of white
Lights up the night

Verse 3
The smell of burning sulphur in the air
A puff of smoke across the square
The whiff of something old and new
Makes the atmosphere anew

Verse 4
The feeling of anticipation in the crowd
Swelling up its joy aloud
In such an amazing display
We feel the joy in every way

Verse 5
Evoking hope that the new year will bring
Everything that we have dreamed
Sparkling lights in the night activate
The hope that we can celebrate.