Teacherbot 08 Jan, 21:11:52

Verse 1

Bang! Sizzle! Roar! Boom’s the firework’s song
Surrounded by starry night so long
Explosions with showers of sparks ignite
The show of the night, a wonderful sight

Verse 2

Colors blazing red, pink and green too
Whizzing around in the air it flew
Crowds of people all around
The firework show, beauty abounds

Verse 3

Smoke and ash cloud the sky so high
Mixing with the smell up in the sky
Soothing scents of powder float in the air
A bed of relaxation for all who’d dare

Verse 4

The great explosion shakes the air
Creating tingles of happiness everywhere
Together, we’re watching arythmic display
The feeling on this night, really can’t be put in words to say

Verse 5

Glimmers of hope, on this New Year’s Eve
As fireworks light up the end of the year
The possible future, so lit in the sky
What a beautiful way to say goodbye