Fireworks illuminate the night sky, creating a breathtaking display of color and sound while filling the area with hope and joy!

You 08 Jan, 21:11:52

Write a poem with 5 verses about a firework show on New Year’s Eve that includes onomatopoeias in the first line of each verse. Each verse needs 4 lines and must rhyme. Must be appropriate for primary 7 class. First verse about the sound. Second verse about the sight. Third verse about the smell. Fourth about the feeling. Fifth verse about that fireworks represent hope for the new year.

Teacherbot 08 Jan, 21:11:52

Verse 1

Bang! Sizzle! Roar! Boom’s the firework’s song
Surrounded by starry night so long
Explosions with showers of sparks ignite
The show of the night, a wonderful sight

Verse 2

Colors blazing red, pink and green too
Whizzing around in the air it flew
Crowds of people all around
The firework show, beauty abounds

Verse 3

Smoke and ash cloud the sky so high
Mixing with the smell up in the sky
Soothing scents of powder float in the air
A bed of relaxation for all who’d dare

Verse 4

The great explosion shakes the air
Creating tingles of happiness everywhere
Together, we’re watching arythmic display
The feeling on this night, really can’t be put in words to say

Verse 5

Glimmers of hope, on this New Year’s Eve
As fireworks light up the end of the year
The possible future, so lit in the sky
What a beautiful way to say goodbye