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August is a preschooler who demonstrates strong academic abilities, although he is still practicing, particularly with letters. He exhibits independence by feeding himself and being able to put on and take off his jacket. August also knows where to place his backpack and can typically zip and unzip it. He displays responsibility for his belongings by knowing where they are and where they should be. However, he struggles with sharing toys and often resorts to making loud whining sounds instead of using his words. While he used to be physically aggressive, he now expresses his emotions more. August is not yet potty trained and continues to wear diapers without informing his teacher when he needs to use the bathroom. Despite these challenges, August is a fun and kind child who has many friends.

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August is a preschooler who is good at school stuff, but still needs practice with letters. He can do things by himself like eating and putting on his jacket. He knows where to put his backpack and can open and close it. August is responsible with his things and knows where they should be. Sometimes he has trouble sharing toys and makes loud whining sounds instead of using words. He used to be physical, but now he shows his feelings more. August still wears diapers and doesn't tell the teacher when he needs to go potty. But he's a fun and nice kid who has lots of friends.