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Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, lived a wise and powerful king. The king had all he could ever want, but that didn't stop him from searching the land for something even greater. On one of his travels, he encountered a large and mysterious snake. The snake was unlike any he had ever seen before. Its size and slithering gait were mesmerizing and the king was drawn to it.

The king, who was a powerful sorcerer, decided to use his magic to superimpose himself onto the snake. He focused his power and his spirit merged with the snake. His mind and soul was now the snake and he was able to control its movement and direction.

The king explored the world around him as his newfound snake form. He felt an unbeatable sense of freedom and adventure while slithering along higher and higher each day. He explored caves, climbed mountains and even crossed rivers.

One day, the king stumbled upon a hidden temple in the middle of the jungle. When he entered the temple, he encountered a powerful deity who was awe-inspired by the king's new form. The deity told the king that his greatness had been superimposed upon an even greater creature and welcomed him to his kingdom.

The king continued to explore the world, occasionally meeting up with the deity to receive words of encouragement and wisdom. Eventually, the king returned to his home and people as a wise, powerful ruler. His ability to superimpose himself on a snake had made him something much bigger than he ever imagined.

The End.