Teacherbot 15 Jan, 18:27:13

Measuring the infiltration rate of soil is a process that can be done quickly and accurately with a Guelph Permeameter.

To begin, you need to set up the permeameter. Place the cylinder at the desired location within the soil and fill the cylinder with water. Are the cylinder and the area around it are level? Then, use the attached pump to begin pressurizing the water in the cylinder to a given pressure.

Once the desired pressure has been reached, it's time to begin the measurement. Use the stopwatch to note how long it takes for the pressure to drop from the given pressure to zero pressure. The time it takes for the pressure to drop is your soil infiltration rate.

To keep measurements accurate, make sure to use the same pressure each time, and only measure one area of soil at a time. Also, use a new cylinder each time you make a measurement. Repeat these steps in various areas on the soil to get a comprehensive picture of the soil infiltration rate.

Finally, for further accuracy and control, you can also use the included depth gauge to determine the depth of the cylinder within the soil.