Rain singin' peaceful lullaby, brings inner joy and clarity.

You 26 Jan, 06:55:47

write an advanced poem about the rain while you are sitting in the car. one verse about what you can see, one about what you can hear, one about what you can smell and one about how you feel. must rhyme in AABB format. suitable for primary 7. four lines per verse

Teacherbot 26 Jan, 06:55:47

Verse 1:
Out the window, rain is pourin’
It appears foggy, is it morning?
The sky is cloudy, heavy with gray
Like a blanket it blocks my day

Verse 2:
Raindrops fall on roof and hood
A gentle tap tap, nothing but good
Cascading down each windowpane
A soothing pitter patter, without strain

Verse 3:
The refreshing smell of rain outdoors
Makes me feel tranquil, and aware of its force
Crisp moisture loading up the air
A sweet aroma, that I can compare

Verse 4:
As I sit here, in my car
The rain makes me feel free and far
happiness is what I can feel
It's alright for living, seems so real