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I. Major Themes of Albert Camus’ The Plague: A. The Absurdity of Life: 1. The novel explores the idea that life is inherently meaningless and absurd. 2. The characters are confronted with the absurdity of their existence in the face of the plague.

B. The Human Condition: 1. The novel delves into the complexities of human nature and behavior. 2. It examines how individuals respond to extreme circumstances and the choices they make.

C. The Struggle for Meaning: 1. The characters grapple with the search for meaning and purpose in a world plagued by suffering. 2. The novel explores different approaches to finding meaning, such as religion, love, and solidarity.

D. The Absence of God: 1. The absence of God is a recurring theme in the novel. 2. The characters question the existence of a higher power and the role of religion in the face of the plague.

E. The Power of Solidarity: 1. The novel emphasizes the importance of solidarity and collective action in times of crisis. 2. The characters come together to fight the plague and support one another, highlighting the strength of human connection.

II. Main Characters in Order of Appearance: 1. Dr. Bernard Rieux: The protagonist and narrator of the novel, a dedicated physician who witnesses the outbreak of the plague in Oran. 2. Jean Tarrou: A visitor to Oran who becomes friends with Dr. Rieux and joins the fight against the plague. 3. Joseph Grand: A municipal clerk who struggles with his inability to express his feelings and finds solace in his work. 4. Raymond Rambert: A journalist trapped in Oran who desperately seeks a way to escape and return to his loved ones. 5. Cottard: A mysterious man who seems to thrive in the chaos of the plague and becomes involved in criminal activities. 6. Father Paneloux: A Jesuit priest who delivers a sermon on the plague, exploring the themes of suffering and divine punishment. 7. Dr. Castel: A colleague of Dr. Rieux, who helps in the fight against the plague by developing a serum. 8. M. Othon: A magistrate who initially denies the existence of the plague but later becomes a victim. 9. Mme. Rieux: Dr. Rieux’s mother, who falls ill with the plague and dies. 10. M. Michel: A concierge who dies from the plague, becoming one of the first victims. 11. M. Othon’s son: A young boy who also falls victim to the plague. 12. M. Michel’s wife: A woman who loses her husband to the plague and is left devastated. 13. M. Rambert’s girlfriend: A woman living outside Oran, whom Rambert desperately wants to reunite with. 14. M. Grand’s wife: A woman who left Grand due to his inability to express his feelings. 15. M. Cottard’s accomplice: A criminal who partners with Cottard in illegal activities during the plague.

Note: The order of appearance may vary slightly depending on the edition or translation of the novel.