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Lesson Plan:
Superlativus and Comparativus

At the end of the lesson, the students will understand the difference between the superlativus and comparativus forms of Latin adjectives and be able to identify their use in simple sentences.

-Chalkboard (Optional)

30 minutes

1. Introduction (5 minutes): Explain the concept of superlatives and comparatives in Latin.

2. Review some adjectives (5 minutes): Point out and review some adjectives that the class already has learned.

3. Activity: Make sentences (10 minutes): Ask the students to make sentences using both superlatives and comparatives. Encourage students to use the new words they just learned.

4. Practice (10 minutes): Have the students demonstrate their understanding of superlatives and comparatives by writing comparatives and superlatives sentences.

Conclusion (5 minutes) : Summarize the lesson, provide an overview of the concept and seek feedback from the students on the different activities.